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DVLA has not been informed.

My wife was diagnosed with MS over 10 years ago.
She has been on medication for the condition for quite a few years, since being on the injections she has not relapsed and shows no symptoms at all.

We did inform the DVLA when she was first diagnosed by sending them a letter. However, that’s the last thing we did and didn’t hear anything back from them.
Last week we were sorting out some clutter and came across my wife’s paper licence and discovered it still has her maiden name displayed. So we decided to collect and fill out a form for a new photo licence to change to her married name.
One of the items on the form asks is you have any medical condition that may affect your driving, one of them is MS.

So I started reading up and discovered if you have MS your licence must be renewed every 3 years after filling out a medical form. If this is the case it seems that the DVLA did not receive the initial letter informing them of the condition as wife still has old paper licence.

My wife’s condition does not affect her driving ability in the slightest. However, we are now worried if we inform them we will be fined up to a £1000.

My question is has anyone that you know of been fined for not informing them immediately when the condition was diagnosed?

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7 months ago

Hi @grayson99 and welcome.

I doubt if the DVLA would hold it against you, especially as your wife’s MS is so mild.

Give them a call (0300 790 6806).

7 months ago

@grayson99 as stumbled says give them a call, ive just been through this, I had bad optic neuritus in March and diagnosed in August and the DVLA wasn’t informed until October, my GP said the hospital should of informed the DVLA or at least told me but this didn’t happen, all they do will send you out a letter to give them access to your medical records to make a decision, if they have any issues they’ll contact you again to attend a medical review, with my optic neuritus I had to go to Specsavers for a eye field test then got my new 3 year license a few weeks after that, just phone and explain the situation, the medical team at the DVLA are really good

7 months ago

@stumbler that was my damn predictive text again for your writing the wrong name, sorry buddy

7 months ago

Hello @grayson99. No, it shouldn’t be a problem I imagine. What is a problem though, is a friend of mine was stopped for a random check and subsequently fined 1000 for not updating his address! Reminder there for everyone, MS or not…. 🙂

7 months ago

@grayson99 the DVLA are highly unlikely to take action. It isn’t in the public interest if you made a genuine error.

I informed them on diagnosis many years ago and have a letter saying that I need take no further action.

Your main issue is in getting the documents up to date. The insurers are the bastards and could conceivably use that against her, even in the case of the other party being at fault. Failure to adhere to regulations etc.

As with everything like this. Keep proof of everything. The cloud is your friend for storing it all. Esp screenshots that include system time and date, URL etc. Don’t give anyone any excuse. Insurers are all concerned about saying no to any claim and not paying out.



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