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Diagnosed yesterday.

Good day to you all!

So for the past month I’ve been experiencing a loss of sensation in both my feet. I didn’t think much of it and thought it would go away, but it got worse and I started to stumble and have muscle tremors. I was admitted to hospital last week for an MRI, nerve conduction studies and Lumbar Puncture, and the Neurologist said that the MRI was clear. She phoned me yesterday and said that the IGG levels from the LP was positive, and diagnosed me with MS. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the diagnosis. Being a registered nurse I know quite alot about MS, which makes the diagnosis alot to handle. Any advice from you guys?

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6 months ago

Hi and welcome to club.
We’re all here to help each other out best we can.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll find an answer one way or another.
But above all else keep a sense of humour 😀
It really does help.
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Welcome again 😀

6 months ago

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Did they say what type of MS you have? Just remember that a lot has changed in the MS world over the past couple decades. There are disease modifying therapies available that weren’t around before. Also, there are more legal protections available to people with any kind of disability. So what you learned about MS in school and the patients you see in a hospital/clinic isn’t the whole story. Best of luck coming to terms with the diagnosis and with your symptoms!

6 months ago

Hello @ernst_van_rensburg, welcome to Shift. I have to say, in just one month, that would be the fastest diagnosis I’ve come across! In your profile it says Primary Progressive, is that confirmed? Also, did you have and MRI of both your brain and spine?

I get the numb feet too, it’s weird. It must have turned your life upside down for sure. But everyone in this site has been through it, so you’re in good company. You can check the map option above to see if there any others from SA. Postall the questions you have, someone will pick up and answer. All the best 🙂

6 months ago

These short videos are well made and will give some insight as to what people have gone through! Okay, it will not give you all the answers, but just know that you’re not alone in what you’re going through and people are being diagnosed with this terrible illness. Every single second of every day of the week.

6 months ago

From my limited experience I would just say take what you read with a pinch of salt. Everything Iv read about ms contradicts itself. Some people try and sugar coat it where as some people say it’s all doom and gloom! Get knowledgable about it but not to the point where it drives you crazy!

6 months ago

Hi @ernst_van_rensburg,welcome. Not sure if there’s another SA member but we’re all one big family on here. I see you’re ppms- me too. I have a half brother and sister from the Durban area and I lived in Kenya as a kid if that helps but you can see on the shiftms map if there are other SA members. xx

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