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Day 4 of fatigue &learning to slow down

I’m currently in work and suffering through my fourth consecutive day of battering fatigue.

I went shopping on Saturday and definitely over did it, I ended up using my poor mum as a human crutch and making everyone walk at a snails pace to keep up with them. My own fault, should have known better blah blah… but my new winter coat is fabulous!

So anyway, how does one teach themselves to slow it down? I’m finding it hard to do exactly that because my mind wants to carry on shopping until the evening like I could last Christmas (and probably slip in a few cocktails along the way) but my body is obviously dead against it.

I guess I’m not at that level of acceptance yet, and being a typical stubborn redhead Aquarian I’m not sure I ever truly will be, but oh my God I need a nap!

What tips does everyone have to combat fatigue aside from a tonne of coffee and a good night’s (or three) sleep, bearing in mind I HAVE to come to work and yeah… I work full time 🙄

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1 year ago

See what the MS nurse / neurologist say as Amantadine or Fluoxetine can help with fatigue. I also work full time and couldn’t without one of them, only don’t have a drink with Amantadine as you will get pished a lot quicker.

1 year ago

@lauraxie , there isn’t an easy answer to this one. We just have to acknowledge that we don’t quite have the energy that we thought. We have to learn to live within our limits.

Now, that’s easier said than done as our limits are variable. improving one day and deteriorating the next.

There’s a booklet available from the MS Trust, which may help :-

You can order a free hard copy too :-

You’ll find it under “Living with MS”

1 year ago

[email protected], I’m in the USA and am a retired nurse (retired due to MS, not my age. Lol) but I found many neurologist and primary physicians have no problem prescribing meds like modafinil ( primarily used for narcolepsy) for us MSers.
Of course this country runs on pharmaceuticals. I’ve been in modafinil for awhile and it has helped a lot. Also when I was working I was beyond exhausted. I hope this helps.

1 year ago

@@lauraxie As an old codger who has been dealing with the beast
For 25 years, here’s what I have found as things have got worse. I work on the day working/ day off scenario. If I go on holiday in my caravan
I do things one day (I.e. Go out to a NT place nearby, go shopping, go to local beauty spot) have a day off just hanging round the caravan on a lounger. When at home, arrange appointments in the morning (no good later in the day) go shopping, do housework etc., on one day then have a day off. This works for me, perhaps you could try something similar, for instance if you’ve got a big night, say friends birthday, concert, you get my drift, god sleep that afternoon, dinner, mictowave & freezer or good friend who cooks! Worth trying?😍

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