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Brain fog n' dizzy times

Hello im new to the site, so, im sorry if this has been mentioned before, but i have recently been having some occaisional dizzy spells. Nothing major, like getting out of bed quickly type headrush that can last minutes and sometimes a couple of hours and also the same with sometimes spacing out and struggling to concentrate. I havent really had these before and was just checking if this is connected to my MartinScorsese (MS)? I know myself its not my normal ways, but when i had a chat with my neurologist, he said not to attach it to my MS and it could be just that im aging (im 34). I imagine my nurse may be slightly kinder with the conversation. In a nutshell is that classed as a spot of brain fog/dizziness? (Probably should have just lead with the nutshell)

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1 month ago

That sounds like things that I have experienced and thankfully my neurologist and I blame the MS.
I sometimes feel drunk when I’m sober. It’s still there and worse sometimes but I’ve got used to it.

1 month ago

@sue_ashton thanks sue. Thats the description im looking for a suprise bout of drunkeness, thats the feeling. Im getting used to it, but it sometimes just catches me off guard. Cheers Sue.

1 month ago

Hi @sclerobro Use the small Magnifying Glass for searching the site and you may find something useful..Welcome to Shift

1 month ago

@watsoncraig cheers.

1 month ago

@sclerobro , hello, old boy (he says, tongue-in-cheek!). 😉

I would identify these as two different problems. Brain fog is a cognition problem, associated with MS. Our brains have to work overtime, trying to interpret those neural messages that are travelling over our MS damage. As a result, we can be mentally tired and have problems recalling things that we know.

Likewise, dizzy spells are a form of vertigo. There can be many causes, including MS. It’s wise to consult your GP to eliminate any non-MS causes.

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