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Anyone ever had these symptoms before?

So basically for the past two weeks Iv been having terrible neck pain and it feels as if something is crawling on my skin (only on the left side) it’s like a burning, tingly and itchy feeling and it’s driving me crazy! But Iv also lost all feeling in my left hand/finger tips, i can’t feel anything and I’m struggling todo daily things like washing my hair, working ect but I feel as the days are getting on its travelling down my whole arm the numbness.

Do you think that’s a relapse? It’s new to me Iv never had this before so it could be new symptoms. I’m on mavenclad so I shouldn’t really be having new symptoms. I’m just more concerned about my left hand!
I will be contacting my nurse but I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this before ?
Thank you x

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2 months ago

Hi I’m lisa and it could be a relapse of MS but our Left side is where your heart is if it were me I’d most definitely go to dr. Or if not soon the ER emergency room or go to your pharmacy get your blood pressure checked!!! Left side

2 months ago

Hi I’m Wayne yes it could be a relapse I have had those symptoms before the tingling burning on neck and head only it’s on my right side and it stops exactly in the center this is my trigger for a relapse so relax and take it easy for a few days and it goes if I don’t I relapse take care hope all goes well ☺

2 months ago

Have you checked out www. ?

2 months ago


I get these symptoms daily, some days are worse than others but I do not let it effect me anymore, mind over matter kinda thing. Sometimes when it is worse I do something to take my mind from it, i.e a box set, meditation, spending time with people which I know isn’t advisable just now.

It could be you are having a relapse, it could also be symptoms due to increased stress, I guess this condition comes with a variety of things and it can be scary but try not to worry as thst will only exasperate things, like Wayne said take it easy for a couple days.

If you think it could be anything else as mentioned by Lisa then get emergency assistance.

Fyi if your directing a chat to someone put @ and then their name and the person will be notified.

Keep us updated X

2 months ago


Like @katfight I too get these symptoms- currently suffering with my neck but last year numbness started in the soles of my feet and toes (helpful with balance – not! 😂) – it is certainly a mind over matter and the longer it goes on the more I get used to it. Have had pins and needles in my hands for 8 years and I don’t often notice them unless I get stressed/anxious.

However, to put your mind at ease I’d definitely get them double checked to be on the safe side. x

2 months ago

Yes I have numbness in lower left leg and foot and toes..also right toes and partial numbness in right foot…i also get tingling and sudden sharp pain which puzzles me in numb feet🤔and yes great for balance and gone are days of energetic country walks it’s more like dragging a sack of potatoes along tied to left foot before I’m exhausted from a 10min effort to get round shop! Lol xx

2 months ago


What you described is exactly what I felt/ went through during my first documented relapse. I later found out through tests/MRI’s that I had multiple sclerosis.
The tingling numbness started in my left hand fingers. Within a week I could feel tingling up my forearm, clear up my neck and the left side of my head. Two weeks in I could not use my left hand hardly at all. Everything I touched felt as if I was being shocked. It stayed that way approximately a month and slowly things went back to normal about 8 weeks in total. My mri showed an active lesion at the C5/6 area of my cervical spine. That was nearly 3 years ago and still I get the pins and needles, burning sensation, numbness feeling in my fingertips when I get hot or do physical activity.

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