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I have had MS for 30+ years. I have SPMS. I’m very independent, and emotionally strong (or was).
I ‘feel’ like I am having increased difficulty coping, not so much with my symptoms (because I think i’m doing really well, and I feel incredibly well), but with life in general. If I go anywhere (even with family) I feel uncomfortably ‘out of my depth’, and dont feel at ease until I get back home in my own surroundings. I cope, and get around so well at home, but away from home I’m a wreck.
Is this anxiety? Having always been a fairly confident person, I dont like the way I feel now. I am self-employed and work from home, but seem to get easily stressed about it all now.
Does anyone understand how I am feeling? How do you deal with it? xx

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7 months ago

Hi @cheryl_grey and welcome.

The term “home comforts” was made for us. I used to be the extrovert, but I’m a shadow of that person now when in company, be it at home or out. I just don’t feel that I belong – I’m different.

I realise that’s ridiculous, but it’s how I feel. And, this allows a form of claustrophobia to build up.

Such is the “fun” that we “enjoy” with MS……….. 😕

7 months ago

Its the 1st Xmas i’ve really struggled. Not a good time for a lot of us MSers I guess.

7 months ago

I am so familiar with whatever you wrote, 25 years MS, self employed, love to stay @ home,…. I always consider it as a Anxiety-depression mood, although a psychiatric told me I’m not depress.
I try to solve it with healthy life and exercise and it works for me.

7 months ago


Hi and welcome

I too have SPMS, diagnosed last year and still getting to grips/coming to terms with it all.

Mobility issues have been my main issue but like yourself Anxiety has been a problem, the smallest, slightest thing can trigger me in to thinking the earth is about to open up and swallow me along with everything else around me.

I try to deal with it by attempting to remain focussed on the task at hand and seeing the positives… Needless to say it doesn’t always work out positively, the intention can be there but the MS Mind says, ,”Oh No, no, nooooo”.

7 months ago

@cheryl_grey I had more or less the same issue last year, i was in a bad relationship, working from home i had an unknown relapse as I hadn’t been diagnosed with MS and stress and anxiety kicked in massively, I remember a really good friend of mine was having a leaving party and I just couldn’t get myself out the house, my bag was packed, hotel booked I just couldn’t do it, to the point where they were ringing me saying where are you but he was ok about it as he knew what I was going through. After that I opened up and asked for help and work put me through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) best thing ever, even when I got diagnosed this year with MS work put me through it again, now everybody tells me I need to relax and stay in more lol, hive it a look it WILL help

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