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Got diagnosed 3 years ago and delt with it ok at first and still am now , worry sometimes about the future but is what it is .

Out of no where I’m suffering uncontrollable anxiety and have been on and off for last couple of years anybody else have this and if so how do you control it

Thanks for taking the time to read


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3 months ago

@carlliggins01 , life can be a struggle and that’s with, and without, MS.

Anxiety isn’t a sign of weakness. I think it’s something we all have to contend with. More detail here :-

As suggested, don’t try and deal with this alone. Go and have a chat with your GP

3 months ago

Anxiety is very real and pretty much indescribable to anyone who has never felt it. My GP told me that everyone with a chronic health condition also suffers a change in mental state. I have found that knowledge helpful, because it reassures me that I’m not weak or stupid in myself. Anxiety is an unwelcome but predictable side effect and as such, needs to be treated. Fortunately, it CAN be treated. xx

2 months ago

Hiya, I’ve found the anxiety the hardest part to cope with since my diagnosis. My personal experience has been that the anxiety has been more disabling than the ms for me. I’m on anxiety medication which I’ve come to terms with as being ok. I did go through a phase of feeling abnormal or a failure to not be coping better… the reality is, it’s ok. My anxiety can still run wild and impacts me however medication helps me personally. Also having good understanding friends/support and exercise are great for helping with it. X

2 months ago

Hi I’m Lisa and yes it’s a gross disease for myself I excercise I’m walking still with a Walker and cane but I DO get out at least go for walks which helps alot !!! Find that peace in “screaming ” get a punching bag hit it hit it hit it again !!! Or yoga meditation get a massage find that “peace” ⚘💦💞

2 months ago

@honeyaa I’m exactly the same! Before diagnosis I didn’t even know what anxiety was.. 7 years later it has stolen my life. It crippled me most days. Worrying about my ms has been far worse than the ms itself.

2 months ago

Wow- coincidentally Seb just posted a video of MS and anxiety! I thought it was another great video (as I think they all are) although I don’t feel I have this particular issue any more than a typical person that has worked in stressful jobs with a life impacting disease 😉 so I think we have to realize we carry a lot.

Anyways you may get something out of his video or the resulting comments from others

Good luck – stay well

2 months ago

I don’t know how you can have MS and not have anxiety attacks. I get anxious around small or large groups of people. I don’t seem to be able to join in on conversations. I end up sitting by myself in a corner all evening. It doesn’t help that my husband is a social butterfly, he is usually dominating conversations and doesn’t notice that I am alone. I am glad he is having a good time, I just wish I didn’t have to attend. Ever so often I’ll talk to someone that has several diseases and I find myself feeling sorry for them. It makes me realize that everyone has the possibility of having horrible health issues. I give myself a good scolding about feeling sorry for myself and afraid of the future. It helps with the anxiety for awhile, I guess I just need to hang out at hospitals. Potter

2 months ago

@blagaman182 Your comment reminded me of what I was told at the time of diagnosis. The neuro said he was more worried about my mental state than he was about the MS! You are so right – anxiety can steal your life. It’s a spiral, too, starts as a niggle then becomes a persistent and/or sudden shaft of dread that won’t go away. (IMO) it needs intervention if it’s not to ruin your life.

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