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acute relapse – this one is tough!


Currently at day two during my third relapses. All of them so far have been sudden leg and arm weakness/tingling that spreads over time – unable to walk without shaking, falling forward or tow the side – speech problems.

But a new one for me is laughing uncontrollably at hardly anything then crying straight after! I spent the night in hospital with a steroid drip and laughing at random noises through the night.

This one is a tough one for me as I am half way through writing my dissertation and now have to just rest it up in bed until I recover – no guessing when/ if that will be. Finding myself very anxious and stressed – I’ve asked for diazipam to help with this but waiting on that.

Got some great support but feeling alone in this and come here to speak/ read about/ get advice from ‘my people’!


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2 years ago

Hi @amylee , all relapses are frustrating, but you are in the right place, getting treatment, which should cease this relapse activity. But, you will have to continue to rest up to allow a recovery to occur.

The uncontrollable laughing/crying is an MS symptom. Look up the PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA), aka emotional lability.

Is your dissertation increasing your stress levels, potentially causing this latest relapse? It would be worthwhile discussing the MS problems you experience with your tutors, with a view to obtaining some flexibility on timescales……….

2 years ago

Dear Amylee,

I hope you are getting better, and that the steroids are helping. I see from your profile that you are not on any treatment. Is that a conscious choice?

Make sure you rest up, and get better quicker. Your tutor(s) are bound to take your condition into consideration, so make sure you do things at your own pace.

Good luck, and best wishes.


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