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Like leaving my youth.

I imagine this will read odd to some, but I have had a night of reflection, so it resonates with me at the minute. I was only diagnosed at the back end of last year (37, m), it didn't really hit me that hard. It was/had been expected for like, 10 years or so. Only by myself mind, I have a cousin wi...


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I’ve gone from running marathons,going gym and playing football to having to use crutches to walk 100m , constant pain and numbness in my left side, the fatigue is ridiculous and enough powerful meds to knock out an elephant ,all in 5 years,how does everyone keep their relationships alive with the i...


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My reality

Tired 😴 Dizzy 😵‍💫 Unfocused 🥴 That is my current situation and new "normal." Who can relate?!


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Hi all 👋 I have PPMS, Does the heat increase your symptoms? Never felt so weak and dizzy.


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Work/ benefits UK

Just wondering if people have still been able to keep their jobs due to my MS affecting my hands and my legs at the moment I am on sick as I work in charity shop and it’s very very full on physically. I’ve been told by a few people now just to stay on the sick and let them retire me due to ill healt...


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Double vision and work

Hi, I have been off work for 4 months now. I work in a pharmacy, dispensing medication is not possible when I can see two of everything!! It's getting more and more likely that I cannot go back to that job. I'm really struggling and anxious as I have no idea what I'm going to do. I've applied for PI...


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Super greens and MS

So I was thinking of upping my intake of vitamins and a like through supplementing with super greens (a powder that can be mixed into a shake) does anyone else supplement their diet I any way? Are there things I should avoid?
Plymouth, United Kingdom


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How did people feel yesterday
Hartlepool, United Kingdom


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7 years

I got diagnosed 7yr ago and only seen my m.s nurse a handfull of times and thats due to me chasing her up.. its like iv been left to it