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We can handle this 💪

We can handle this 💪

It struck me this weekend that people with MS are actually particularly well equipped to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Compared to the rest of the population, we are all used to:

🔹 Being stuck in limbo, nobody can ever tell us how long something will last and if it will be permanent, temporary, relapsing remitting or progressive.

🔹 Living with uncertainty. We all know only too well that nobody can predict what the future holds for us and that we have to plan as best we can, but always live in the present.

🔹 Listening to our bodies and struggling to decide whether our latest symptom is something to be worried about or not.

🔹 Trying to interpret complicated, evolving and occasionally conflicting medical advice.

🔹 Appreciating that there is general guidance but we are all different individuals and each have to make choices based on our personal circumstances and our own assessment of the risks.

🔹 Self isolating/adopting good hygiene practices to avoid infection, usually depending on our choice of DMT and how long ago it was and how we are feeling.

🔹 Adapting and working around constraints and not always being able to go out and do everything we want, when we want.

🔹 Sharing information and best practices at a local and a global level, so we often know as much or even more than the “experts”.

🔹 Acknowledging that bad things outside our control will happen and supporting each other to get through the tough times.

🔹 Belonging to a community that does not rely on regular face to face contact.

🔹 Maintaining our sense of humour 😅

🔹 Building resilience 💪

Coronavirus? Everything is relative. MS warriors, keep calm, I think it’s safe to say we’ve got this one.

Check out Shift.ms Coronavirus page

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