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Staying Positive and Focused Can Help With Your MS Fight

Staying Positive and Focused Can Help With Your MS Fight

So you receive your MS Diagnosis. For some people it’s a relief, finally knowing what was causing their symptoms and having a name for it. For others it causes panic and worry about what the future holds for them. For me it was a combination of both of these. What I soon learnt was a positive mind set was essential in my fight against MS and would help me greatly in my day to day living. I am not too proud to say that I sought help with my mental health which helped me massively. It helped me get a perspective on my new life and how to deal with the challenges I would be faced with.

I spent too much time worrying about the future. For example if I was going out for a day my mind would start racing about potential hazards I may face and whether I would be able to walk without tripping over. I also focused too much on other people perspectives of me and felt that everyone would be looking at me whilst I was walking a bit funny. All of this was putting massive pressure on myself before I had even left the  house!

For others you can worry about your job, your family, your relationships, your friends , the list can be endless!!

So how are we meant to cope with all these stresses in our life ? I found it hard not to worry about future events, but slowly I began to adapt to focusing on the here and now. I try to not worry about the future and what it might bring or events in the past that I have stressed about. Focussing on current events allows me to assess how I feel right now and how I can manage doing things right now, such as walking.

Another key thing for me was to not mourn the life you used to have. We didn’t sign up for this, but, it is what it is and we need to live our life to the best of our ability. And most importantly, just enjoy it  We are still people, we still hold importance, we still have something to give and we want to love and feel loved.
If you can’t do something you used to do any more, then find something else to do. There are still opportunities out there for us. If a barrier is put in your way then question it. Don’t be afraid to speak up but of equal importance is not to be afraid or to stubborn ask for help.

Reach out to your fellow MS’ers. Get yourself a strong support network. Shift MS is perfect for this. They offer a number of initiatives , including a Buddy Network for the newly diagnosed. No one should ever feel alone in their fight.  If you have people around you who understand what you are going through and can relate to symptoms or episodes you might be having this really can help you so much.

But please never ever give up hope. I have been inspired recently by the Paralympics and other MS’ers. I want to leave you with this poem I recently wrote. We got this guys …

When the waves come crashing down
And you feel you’re going to drown
Keep fighting. Never stop, and you will rise to the top

Have faith in yourself, and the ability to do
Keep believing and your confidence will pull through
Keep fighting. Never stop, and you will rise to the top

People say you can’t , and you start to believe
Never give up on what you can achieve
Keep fighting. Never stop, and you will rise to the top

Life can be hard, and sometimes you don’t know what to do
But you are never alone, for we suffer to
Keep fighting. Never stop, and you will rise to the top

So we’ll never stop the fight and believing in you
For you are part of the MS family, and that’s what we do
Keep fighting. Never stop, and you will rise to the top

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My name is Anthony, I was diagnosed with RRMS in April 2015. I have had 2 rounds of Lemtrada and so far it seems to be working. I still work full time as an Export Business Development Manager and just try to take each day as it comes. My passion in life is football and I am a huge Swansea City fan (please don’t judge me!) My other passion is helping my fellow MSers. No one should go through this alone. We are stronger together!