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Hi, I’ve been taking flingolimod since trials so a fair few years, it works amazing for me I haven’t had a relapse for years and no progression but.. my skin is so terrible it’s like I’ve had a bleach bath and I can no longer sit in the sun or tan also my hair is thinning. I’m stuck to whether having no relapses and dealing with my awful skin or changing meds. If anyone was in my situation what do you think you’d do? Thank you x
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

If it were me, I'd book myself in for frequent facials and resign myself to being pale and interesting!! The fact that fingolimod is working for you is great. They all have side effects.


@xshon87x Speak to your healthcare team. They may be able to offer something to help with the skin issue. I've been on Gilenya for 10 years and don't seem to have any issues with my skin.