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Hi there! Only to say that personally I find just exercising extremely boring... I'd rather struggle for something that shows an immediate usefulness clearly there and then, that is any kind of activity with a clear purpose, like walking up the couple of steps that separate me from the room where I can find just what I want...or moving (what I can) in the right way of course to walk to the kitchen area instead of asking "Could you please..." Frustration arises and sits inside when things are not done the way "I" think they should. Better try to do it myself, the right way, as I know I must move. Yes, I should see the purpose of exercise...but "should" is not a word that I like. Either do it or not. But that's my way of dealing with the world, not everyone's, right? However, I came across the following and in spite of being such a weird, stubborn one, believe it or not, I managed to do something. So far, so good. https://www.everydayhealth.com/multiple-sclerosis/living-with/exercises-to-improve-balance/ Take good care, all of you💜