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Hi all I am new on here. I was diagnosed last year as I had been suffering from numb legs for about 3-4 years. Just later the numbness is now at the top of my legs also finger tip on my right hand is now numb. Has anyone else had the same issue. I have seen my specialist nurse also for my work life as I do nights in a care home, she was saying that it may be an idea to work days as it will keep my brain more active. Just wondered what other may do. Sorry for the long message.

Hello @stu09 and welcome. If you type ‘night shift’ into the search box at the top there are some more posts. Has the numbness been constant with you? I looked at your profile and saw you don’t take DMDs, there’s often interesting debate on here about whether or not to tread that route. I don’t get numb as such, but like a feeling intense pressure around my legs which is constant. And randomly, the very end of one toe. This is a weirdo condition alright........ :-)


Hi @stu09 and welcome. Your MS Nurse will offer you the benefit of their experience, and they usually have a wealth of experience with MS patients. But, this has got to fit with you as well. Live healthily and eat healthily, whilst avoiding stress and see how it goes and how you feel.