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Laser Hair Removal

Strange question but do you think it's safe to have laser hair removal before starting treatment i.e. Lemtrada??? It's something I have been saving for for a while and due to start next week but after visiting my neurologist it looks like lemtrada MAY be in the pipeline. I won't find out if Lemtrada is confirmed until September by which time I'll be half way through my laser. How long do you think it will take until the treatment starts?? I'm also due to start a new job in September and it's in retail so no holiday is allowed in December. I have not disclosed my ms to them yet as it's not yet apparent. Crikey reading this back seems so bloody silly but you Shifties are just amazing at advice!!! ?

@shopaholic84 I am unsure about the laser hair removal but I am sure someone will know ?. I was diagnosed in April and due to start Treatment in June but it had to be delayed until this week as was not covered for the chicken pox vac so had to have 2 jabs 4 weeks apart and then a blood test in another 6 weeks to prove I was covered. My employers are unaware too and hoping it will stay that way after this treatment as I am not showing any signs either. Sorry did not really answer your question just wanted to reply ? X


Thanks @shevs. I'm sure someone on here may know. I have asked my neurologist. She said she would find out for me but I'm due to start Monday so I doubt she will get to me in time. It will be over by mid October. Fab news that you have finished your Lemtrada ??. Keep us updated. I have to say since my neurologist saying I may have Lemtrada I've had a wobble of fear ?. X