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I'd love to not have to work, but what about if you can't work...

What's the difference between never having to work again versus never being able to work again? During out #makeworkworkcampaign in London we asked members of the public What would you do today if you couldn't work tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvsgVpm80ZA

If I could go to work I would in a heartbeat. But because I can’t walk far or stand up for long periods I have a stutter and I have problems with other things. I have DMT but I’m still having progression and I’m stuck not working I feel useless I’ve always worked but now I can’t even go to the shop alone because of anxiety and I fall a lot .


It would be great if I could go to work but I can't. I'm going through it with social security disability and they seem to have a different idea. Having to be off of my DMT while I transitioned between states messed quite a few things up and caused my MS to progress which in turn made my anxiety worse. It's bad enough that the last job I had before I had to stop treatment I only lasted a month before I quit because while it was a work from home job working for a bank, I didn't have the freedom to get up and use the restroom like I had to (have bladder retention and bladder incontinence) because any time spent off of the phone would go against my handle time. I also spent a good amount of time crying and shaking before I had to get on the phones. Then once everything happened with my disease progression, my walking got worse to the point I became very spastic and have to hold on to either walls or people to get around. Leads to doing ALOT of laundry trying to make it to the bathroom on time, looking like I'm drunk getting around grocery stores, and looking like a toddler taking their first steps all over again. Lol. I try to avoid writing because now because 1, may writing both print and cursive to me is no longer near and 2, if I do have to write I have to set the writing instrument down and shake out my hand because my hand gets tired and my fingers shake. My heat intolerance is worse (and I live in phx where more often than not the temperature is in the 80s 90s and 100s), my balance is bad to the point where I will have to take a step forward or back to stay upright, when I talk now I do sometimes stutter or I will start to mumble and muddle my words because I guess my mouth doesn't open as wide to get words out so I constantly have to repeat myself, my short term memory has gotten bad enough that I can hold a conversation and 10 minutes I have already forgotten what it was about and what was said (it leads to having to write a lot down and having to go back and reread things to refresh my memory), when it comes to the bathroom I've got maybe 30 seconds to make it before I now have laundry and clean up to do, and there are the myoclonic seizures that happen in my arms at random times where I have to hope I'm not holding anything or carrying anything. But according to social security I am perfectly capable of holding down gainful employment. 🙄