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An incredible chat about exercise and MS | 4 MSers read your questions

Join Katt, Dave, Sarah-Kate, and Tia as they read through Shift.ms fitness questions, share their stories, discuss mistaken advice, and why they choose to exercise their way. What exercise works for you with MS? Share your approach with the rest of us below ⬇️ https://youtu.be/QRIYGrQMo7M

this was great! Thanks for posting. It's frustrating to find ways to be able to do cardio, still trying to figure that out. I do adaptive water exercises 4x aweek


@progressivepam that's ace! The definition of exercise changes for everybody based on their circumstances, all we can do is our best. Dave in this video pulls lorries in his wheelchair for fun. I think I'll stick to normal stuff... 😂