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stress and ms

Hi, Any relation between ms and stress? When I'm taking stress of anything that time my symptoms get worse. Let me know any relation between ms and stress?



In my mind, stress is a major agitator for MS. Avoid stress like the plague. Consider what is stressing you and ask yourself, "is it worth it? Can I change it?"



Totally agree. Putting your effort into identifying what stresses you and working out how to deal with it may be the single most important thing you can do to help your MS.



You've just defined the WORSE thing for me - if there's one thing that's likely to remind me that I have MS it's stress. As the levels rise, I can feel my symptoms get worse - particularly my ability to walk properly. It's like the symptoms get switched on. As @cameron wisely says, "Putting your effort into identifying what stresses you and working out how to deal with it may be the single most important thing you can do to help your MS". Easier said then done for some people though... Mark



What on earth do you do if your biggest source of stress is your mother and she lives 5 doors down from you on the street?????? She is so annoyed that it's not all about her!!!!!!



Hi @msue62 :) Hmm mother stress. As I said, "Easier said then done for some people"! Particularly when the stress is your neighbour too... Mark



Well if and when I get stressed out/really upset its like my brain unplugs itself off/goes blank, my coordination/equilibrium goes out the window and If the stress worsens I just feel like Ill pass out at any minute due to extreme fatigue. -.-'



the same like Hayle - when I do not feel good...I need to sit down or eat something immediately, that will give some eneergy and after while (sometimes it can be a really long while:) I am just feeling normal and it is still a big confusion for me how this illness work...



Hi @sheetal, is this post of any interest to you I believe stress is the worst enemy to MS https://shift.ms/p/topic/de-clutter-and-de-stress-it-works/



stress is my main trigger hence 4 relapses in a year and this time its the worst yet. lost left side, arm, hand, leg, shocking memory, fatigue. i should have learnt by now to pace myself better & know the signs but in answer to your question, stress is alot of ms'ers triggers



Yep, I too believe that stress is the trigger for my MS. I've gone through a period of stress recently and the MS symptoms have ramped right up. @kerrylouise I feel for ya. 4 relapses in a year is tough. I hope you're taking time out to recuperate and being kind to yourself. I too don't pace myself and am also quite hard on myself (according to MS nurse). I just put MS in a box most of the time and carry on like I don't have MS. And then I come a cropper... I seem to have avoided relapse this time (probably because I've changed my job and don't have the physical stress/tiredness from travelling all over the UK) but have been told by one of the neurologists that my symptoms are those of a pseudo-relapse. Sounds like good advice from @cameron. I've taken up Yoga recently and although I can't always do all of the positions, I think it does help with stress. I also tried one session of acupuncture (for leg pain and stress), but I'm not convinced about it's benefits vs. the cost. Maybe I just went to the wrong practitioner...who knows, but Yoga and home meditation are cheaper.



Hi... I have also found yoga and meditation have massively helped my stress levels so in turn I find that helps ... If I feel my blood starting to boil for any reason it automatically magnifies my symptoms... So yes yoga and meditation can help prevent... :) xxx



I agree with @Cazzzzzy, yoga can be good and also the stretches make muscle spasms less frequent which makes sleeping easier. Since leaving my old job in an office and now being in the great outdoors I feel so much better. If possible avoid people or situations that could be stressful. I've also learnt to let a lot of things go, I haves number of phrases that I often repeat to myself (in my head) in stressful situations to remind me to just forget about whatever the problem is



I reckon this is one of the little known things about MS. I feel like I get stressed and within minutes/ hours, I fall apart. I had really shitty weekend last weekend, was really let down by a friend, and as a result, I am having my first ever experience of paresthesia on my right leg and foot. I feel like someone has ripped off all my skin and my nerve endings are exposed. Trying my best to stay calm but sometimes it is hard.



@mssue I would advise moving house. If this is not an option, how about family counselling.....its obviously not so much the PROXIMITY as the dynamic in your wider family.



In my experience, few hours after stress - some MS symptom comes up. It is not easy, but definitely possible (and kinda mandatory) to organize things, jobs and people around You in such way, that they cause almost no stress at all.



Stress is bad the other day I was trying to do house work do dinner before my husband came home from Essex he works away I'm in the kitchen trying to hurry he was nearly home. Next thing lost my balance I'm on the floor great :)



Yes, of course - the stress is one of the worst symptomd of this stupid illness for me:( i have to think about a lot of things before doing them, when I know that I do not like them somehow and they stress me...just give you time to figure out how to deal with it through the best way.



Yep, stress is definitely bad when it comes to MS! I'm a huge worry wart and over-thinker but I've also found yoga and meditation quite calming. Try this website http://www.calm.com/ it has guided meditation and you can choose the duration that you want to meditate too, otherwise youtube is always a good source :) hope it helps x



hello I agree with all said above re stress being a massive symptom aggravator (for me). brainy psychologist types would probably say that whether you feel stress is dependent on how you perceive a situation/react to it rather than always the situation per se so it is your own reactions one has to try to modify not necessarily just the things you have to deal with in your life. hmmm. as mikovic75 says, easier said than done. I've found the Headspace app has helped me to actually do some meditation (rather than just think about needing to a lot :-)) as it reminds you to get your 15 or 20 minutes done a day which I've found helpful. since I've been doing it (ok admittedly only since just before Xmas) I have felt a little bit calmer and better able to turn down the dial and not react to some stressful situations.



Simply stress is the biggest threat to you being healthy. I find when I'm stressed I get really fatigued and my body shuts down - optic neuritis, foot drop, total in-balance legs get really heavy so yes stay away from it when you are able



Hi, I have spent years trying to show people the connection between stress and ms and how stress itself isn't the problem it is the way you deal with the stress that is the problem. I have even made a video about it and I am also treating people. If you would like to see the video pm me and I will send you the link.