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12 days of Xms - Cognition and Thinking

Hey Shift MS Extended Family! Please check out the latest #12daysofXms Video on Cognition and Thinking. I'm so pleased to have been able to be a part of this. https://youtu.be/bMcL7Y5lYN4 So "Cog fog", problems with thinking and memory, affect around half of all people with MS. Here I explain when I started to notice I was struggling to explain my work during meetings and talk to colleagues clearly. Do you gave a 'cog fog' story? Share it with us! I'd love to hear if others are experiencing the same! #12daysofXms P x

We loved working with you on this @powla so thanks for being involved. If anyone is interested in seeing more videos like this one with members of Shift.ms, visit http://12daysofxms.shift.ms/ So far we have released videos on: Fatigue Balance and coordination Sensory issues Sex And this video on cognition and thinking


Love this, thanks! The worst thing about cog fog, is that you’re not always aware that today is a ‘muddled’ day. The vid explains it very well!