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Parking Rant!

I know that this is an entirely entitled problem, but it's really doing my head in! I managed to get a disabled spot outside my house, we live on a road with on-street parking, but half the time i get home there;s some other mystery blue badge holder parked there and I have to find somewhere else and then walk whatever distance that requires... which can be interesting. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of thing? Sincerely, aggravated of Brighton :D

@poorusernamechoice , as a fellow Brighton resident, I'm well aware of the issue of too many cars and not enough spaces. Unfortunately, if a designated disabled car parking space is used by a car sporting a blue badge, there's not much you can do about it. Even if you spot the driver, and if he appears fully enabled, they may have an invisible condition. You might have a case if the driver is not the owner of the blue badge. But, you can't see their photograph if the badge is displayed properly. All you can do is have a very diplomatic conversation with the driver and gently suggest that they may want to request their own disabled space, as you have done. It's a very emotive issue for everybody, so tread sensitively and carefully.


You could borrow my baseball bat, that sometimes can be a persuader in these situations.......... lol On a serious note though, I had a similar problem with somebody actually parking on my driveway whilst I was at work!!. I never knew about the guy parking there until I returned home one day early to find a car parked on the drive. Cheeky B!$tard I ignored it at first, thinking it was a friend of a neighbour parking there temporarily but I soon found out that this joker would park there every day. He even emptied the ashtray next to the car one day. I used to leave notes on the car asking them not to park there but it made no difference. In the end I bit the bullet and had a ton of sand delivered and got the delivery company to put the bag of sand in front of the guys car after he parked there one day, blocking his exit. The weird thing is, nobody ever knocked on my door to complain or state that they were blocked in. The person ended up dumping the car and never returned. After a month, the car eventually got stolen (ahem) by the local yobbos and I haven't had an issue since. I still have a ton of sand to use up but that might come in handy soon if I decide to build an extension or do the patio.