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Dumped again because of MS

Once again I met this great guy we dated for a while then told him about MS. Now he doesn't retun my calls or texts..WTH!!! I am sick of being hurt..do you just give up on hope after four years...of being dropped like hot lead?

I'm sorry, I'm sure you heard it before but your better off without him. If someone truly loves you MS won't matter to them. Maybe tell them about your condition sooner in the relationship to weed out the ones that are going to hurt you before you get too close. If you wait too long, maybe, and just maybe, they feel like you have been keeping something from them? IDK I know it's hard to tell someone of your condition, and I don't suggest necessarily telling them as soon as you meet, but maybe you can find a proper time early on to tell them to see if they're going to make a run for it. I really am sorry, people a lot of times only care about themselves. But those are the ones you don't need to be bothered with anyway. And to a non MSer, I guess the news of MS could be misunderstood. I know before I was diagnosed a good friend of mine had MS and when he got sick, me being uneducated about MS thought it was a death sentence for him. I didn't know any better. Also maybe he needs some time to absorb this and think about it just as we all did when we were diagnosed? BTW I read your profile and I like your dictionary comment :)


Geez sorry girl :( I was married 10 years and could no longer be the kinda of wife my (insert bad word) ex thought he deserved. I do have two beautiful little girls from the prick though. He didn't deserve you anyways!! Its better you know now the on down the road, it would have been harder... xxx