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Legs into bed tricks

Hi all I am a bit desperate. I cannot lift my legs up to get into bed at night. Any tricks will be welcome. My upper body is not strong either so i can not lift them up with a lifter either. I find myself sitting down on sofa to sleep wich does not help either with my swollen ankles. Is it the end of beds? Shall i get a chair that turns into bed? Xxx Cxx

Oh @mmhhpp, I'm so with you here but don't give up on the bed. I was having the same prob and told my OT. Yesterday they came and fitted an arched support thingy that slots under the mattress - problem solved😉👍🏻 apart from small dog who WILL curl up exactly where I need to get in and out for the loo in the morning. I've also invested in 1.5 wrist and ankle weights to strengthen or at least help. And it's helping!!!! So keep going! Don't 'sleep' in that chair.......get onto your OT. Good Luck xx


Thanks Merfield for your reply, Good idea i have just contacted OT. Sometimes i get all blocked and accept that this is it that i cannot see way out. Also having room/bathroom done atm , not able to climb stairs, sleeping on sofa 6 weeks now....kids washing my hair in garden 😲. I will be in a better place in a couple of weeks ! When i was in bed upstairs i also had an arch on it, it is helpful! What are those 1.5 wrist and ankle weigh? Can you send a link please? Take care with that dog 🙂Xxxx