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introducing myself!

Hello all, I don't know whether I have Ms or not. I'm too much stressed and while simply going thru sites I found this network. Is it OK to be here/ is it a suitable solution? I don't know!! My problem is I couldn't get a sound sleep. In late nights I woke up suddenly and I couldn't sleep after that. Lot of worries will go thru my mind. In the morning I get up from the bed too tired . I working as a lecturer. With a tired mind and body I can not deliver lectures to my students. Thus becoming a joker to them.

Hi @manoos and welcome. Yes, this is the right place for anyone who has, may have or is connected with MS. Whether you have MS or not, I would suggest that the amount of stress and worry, which is suggested in your post, would potentially cause any number of medical conditions to affect you. So, primarily you need to get that under control and get some quality sleep.


Thank you for ur comment and kindness. Can u suggest any method to get good sleep?