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MRI anxiety

I've had loads of Mri over the years, started with no worries at all ’dunno what the big fuss is about’ but now i get more worried, panicked, dizzy and claustrophobic yuck!! Any suggestions how to pass the time and stay calm???



I just think the quicker it's done. The quicker you get to find out what's going on! I also sing this song whilst getting a scan done because the beginning of it sounds like an MRI machine haha https://youtu.be/TOypSnKFHrE



I always ask my neurologist to prescribe a benzodiazepine for me to take before the MRI to help keep me calm and relaxed.



I close my eyes before they put the thing on my head and think of the thing that is my idea of absolute peace - holding one of my babies on my chest when they were an infant. I just try to hold onto that memory and feeling until it’s over. I don’t open my eyes until I’m out and the thing is off my head. What is your happy place?



I’ll never be able to afford to go to a spa again, so I accept the warm blanket and close my eyes <3



@lucylu45 I don't have anxiety with this but I have had it with other things. A really good calming technique is called 478 breathing. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 out for 8. Do this a few times it really works. Hope it helps :)



@lucylu45 - I take my husband or a friend in and make sure they don't let go of my leg/foot. I get very claustrophobic following a horrible experience in an MRI scanner where I had a coughing fit and thought I couldn't get out. Like you, I used to think 'what's the big deal' but now they fill me with dread!! Also - they explained to me that even if everyone else in the room left I could easily get out and they let me test that. We all laughed about it and they said it's very common so I felt better. Good luck with whatever you find works for you



I find myself imagining and listening to the various noises as some sort of whale / dolphin communications at a huge undersea party. popping / clicking / whirling etc, an underwater jazz session. Mind you I really don't care for Jazz. Each to their own. 😀



@ettelrahs that is spot on👌 I have never made that link but thats hilarious. Thanks for the link to the song😂



Thanks everyone good suggestions 😄 did deep breathing exercises last time but it made me move too much (me and my big nose) 🙄🤔😆 definitely have to have a good sense of humour with MS



I just recently had an MRI scan and with me I took an eye mask and some socks to help me feel more relaxed. Before going in the MRI I close my eyes put on my mask and this seems to relax me, taking control breaths also helps.



Hey 👋 @lucylu45 I close my eyes before I go in it, eye mask is a great idea @superman I imagine the steady sound of hoof beats of my horse going along the beach ...... it’s my happy place works for me, gives you something to concentrate on as they are so noisy try to visualise something or somewhere you enjoy and keep that image in your head Xx



Only gone and bloody done it! Managed to get through the full 40minutes I stayed calm as I could, it was a nice new unit so I could actually hear the radio in headphones. Not going to lie did panic just before going into the room, shed a few tears think it was the build up of waiting. All done now for the next 6months



Just saw this so too late to comment on preparing but maybe the first to congratulate you on your success. Thankfully you were able to utilize some of these strategies and get yourself into a good place. I always internally chuckle when they ask me what type of music I like as if they play something I really like I will just be annoyed at the darn machine for disrupting my listening experience ;-0 But I do ask for like modern pop music. I sometimes think about what the various sounds of the machine remind me of. Sometime is is a big woodpecker and envision the big pileated woodpeckers in front our house practically taking down an old tree. Some do sound like riding my horse and I think back to good trail rides or shows. Some are fast little things that sound more like the small woodpeckers or a drum and I can think back to marching in school or music. More often I am on the edge of falling asleep and they give me encouragement through the headphones to stay awake. When you drift to sleep you have little body jerks that can disrupt the reading. Which makes me think of hugging my daughter until she would finally surrender to sleep and her little body would involuntarily jerk and I knew within minutes she would be totally out for the night. That's what I do...just find little thoughts to move between and try to relax without falling asleep.