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De-clutter and de-stress, IT WORKS

Hi recently I have done this : Turned distracting texts and email alerts OFF your phone I use a land line ONLY to call out, not for incoming calls and only give out your mobile number (no evening pesterers trying to sell things!) Use email for contact more REDUCE your inbox and UNSUBSCRIBE to previous and unwanted mail Ive been doing this for two weeks and it is really un-cluttering my mail! Try NOT doing Facebook or Twitter Twatter !! (never done this not interested!) make a daily list, be organised (very satisfying when all ticked off!) Dont stress about replying to texts and emails Shop online more, even for simple things Give up things you don't REALLY enjoy Have a quiet Christmas Don't try to please everyone I DO ALL OF THE ABOVE ALL THE TIME LIFE HAS BEEN FAR LESS HECTIC PLEASE TRY THIS let us know if it works for you! xxx