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Face numbness/ tingling

Hope everyone's doing their best this evening, Just a quick question, if anyone has had one side of their face go numb, and whether it eventually got better. My started with all my first symptoms, during my onset relapse that led to diagnosis. So this was slightly over 6 months ago. I guess I have leant by now, that everyone's case is unique, but I guess I'm hoping to gain some reasuance from previous experiences. I have numbness/ tingling only on my left sure of face. Cheers,



@londonlad , you're right, we are all different. Unfortunately, sometimes our recovery from a relapse may not be 100%, leaving us with residual symptoms. But, the brain is a very powerful organ, so if neural pathways have been damaged, it is possible to create new pathways. So, never give up hope. If you wish to discuss this, get in touch with your MS Nurse and see what they say.



I don't know it facial exercises will help with new neuro pathway development but it couldn't hurt to try. I have noticed that I have started to drool a lot more in my sleep. So I found some facial exercises off the internet and they really helped a lot. I quit doing them because of a death in the family and my sister came to stay with me. It was hard to get in any of my exercise routine, I am going to start the facial exercises again tomorrow the drooling is back. Potter



Hello, I am in the process of being diagnosed with MS as the MRI wasn't good & I also have a sack of veins in the on the brain. Over the last 5 wks I have not been well at all with diarrhea, very poor balance (this I joke about & say I walk like a drunk), so tired all the time, with endless other problems. The newest thing was waking up in the middle of the night with half my face num & tingling. In the AM I thought I would go to the hospital because of the diarrhea to get on an IV. I decided to lie down on the sofa feeling so bad & had my tenant call an ambulance. They arrived in less then 10 min. when they asked my name I was totally unable to speak. I was totally aware but couldn't get it out! Once they had me sitting up in time I was able to speak but not before a lot of effort. This lay down & sit up was done several time in hospital with the same result. Has this ever happened to anyone?



My hands to wrists and feet to ankle have been numb for 2 years. . . i cant feel if my shoes slide off, a new thing is my trunk of body numb too. . cant wear loose pants or long skirts.... They have fallen (slid) down my body. *without even knowing it!!! Anyone else ? ?



@stumbler - The brain is indeed, quite remarkable! so I am still believing and holding onto hope :) @nutshell88 - thank you @potter - i get that when sleeping too. I am going to give the face exercises a go.. surely can't hurt.. Thank you thanks everyone for your comments :)



Facial numbness was one of my first symptoms about 12 years ago. It eventually completely cleared up, but over the years is has come and gone. If I have another relapse or get run down, it comes back for a few days or weeks. Now, it's pretty much an on/off thing that could happen any day or not happen for weeks. But you do get used to it.



@suzieque , I'm not familiar with MS symptoms that can be turned on and off like that. The diarrhoea is also not symptomatic of MS, although this won't be helping your neurological issues. Let's hope the Doctors can get to the bottom (sorry, no pun intended) of this for you.



The left side of my face was numb for about 3 months and my top lip and eyebrow on my left side was numb/tingling for at least 8 months, i have slight weakness on my left side still 2 years on but it's only really noticeable when I smile.



Hi The left side of my face went numb about 6 months ago. Felt like id been to the dentist and had an injection. It was hard to drink and eat as I felt like I was dribbling. It has improved to about 85 per cent I guess. Still numbness in my top lip and eye lid it really is a weird feeling x



@lisasmith121267, it sounds exactly how mine started... i had just left hospital, and as you described, i started to have post dental work sensations. it then crept around for a while but always on the left side. yeah for sure, the eyelid feeling is weird. i know it too well It would be cool to wake up one day without it :) lets keep hoping! x @sciencegeek & hlyndar89 thanks for sharing your experiences. i know we all recover differently, but its reassuring to hear the positive outcomes :) take care, :)



When I was diagnosed it was because I went in for fave numbness. Then the MRI showed lesions. At the time I had steroid infusions and it went away within about a few weeks or maybe a month. With my latest relapse I am numb in a lot more places. It's more like mildly numb... but I haven't been in for treatment and it's not getting better on its own. See your Neuro if you have one. I recently moved and am still working on getting set up in my new area. Good luck!



One of my first sx was trigeminal neuralgia - which only lasted a few weeks. Then the left side of my face and neck started burning. It was very strange, but I wasn't dx for years after all this. I didn't suspect MS, nor did my doctor. I had been dx with Systemic Sclerosis, so all my sx were put under that umbrella. Even tho I had an MRI which slowed lesions - it still wasn't suspected!!! I took the face burning in stride, and it went away. I had 4 or 5 relapses without ever being worked up - even when I had right arm paralysis, and rt arm nerve pain, I saw a neuro, but just had the nerve conduction study. Then even after all that, and developing foot drop - I just got a brace from a physio therapit who made braces! So - a lot of people can get through the relapsing phase of the disease without much help. IF you have a relatively benign course. But I do realize that just because my face symptoms went away relatively quickly and without residual effects - doesn't mean yours will. But the usual result is that it will. The wonderful resilient brain early on in the disease (and forever for some), will bounce back! It IS strange tho - how many unique symptoms we have!!!!!