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Personal Independence Payment (pip)

The first time I applied for PIP was in 2015. I’ve been receiving this benefit ever since. I have received a booklet which I have to fill in & return regarding how my condition affects me. In the advisory notes it says to provide any documentary evidence which support how my condition has changed. 1) which documentary evidence would I be wise to send in? They want the forms returned by November so I don’t really have much time to be chasing up my consultant, so I’m probably going to have to do with my MS nurse. It says “failure to send in supporting evidence may mean us having to call you in for an interview.” I remember going to an interview the last time & it was a pain. 2) I’ve moved homes recently and I’m fortunate that my father told me about the forms which arrived at my old address (my parents house). 3) do the DWP liaise with the DVLA at all? A symptom which wasn’t present 3 years ago is optic neuritis in my right eye. My right eye doesn’t focus in on the minor detail as great as what my left eye has the ability to do. But I don’t wish to mention this again just for the DVLA to request me to do further tests. I’ve already passed the extra tests. Thanks



@lemtrada-uk , PIP reassessments seem to be a divisive process, so you do need to do the preparation up front. Ideally, you could do with some objective 3rd party support, e.g. Citizens Advice, local MS Society branch, etc. As far as evidence is concerned, contact your MS Nurse. They should be well aware of what you need. If you're a "regular customer" with your local doctor. they may be able to help too. Your partner could also do a short report for you, just to outline the problems you have on a day-to-day basis. Changing address is a pain in the **** these days. There's so many people to advise. Here's some help for this particular context :- https://www.gov.uk/tell-hmrc-change-address The DWP and DVLA probably do not liaise. After all, we have to advise the DWP that we're "almost dead", whilst advising the DVLA that we're "fighting fit"! But, we are legally obliged to inform the DVLA of any material changes in our health that may affect our ability to drive. If you've been passed as fit to drive by your optician, then just give the DVLA a call to discuss whether anything additional needs to be done:- https://www.gov.uk/report-driving-medical-condition



@lemtrada-uk Along with your MS Nurse you could ask your Occupational Therapist to back you up, if you have contact details for her/him.