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Flushing the system during a UTI

I have a UTI & my doctor prescribed me antibiotics as well as advising that I drink plenty to flush the system. Is it a good idea to occasionally use a self catheter to completely rid the bladder of urine or should I empty the bladder naturally? I use intermittent self catheterisation on a monthly basis to completely empty the bladder, but should I do this more often whilst the infection is prevalent or not? I don’t want to confuse my brain- I wasn’t able to urinate independently before so used to use catheters every time.



@lemtrada-uk , it was potentially the intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) that caused. We have to be so careful doing it. If you suffer urine retention, that is another potential cause. And monthly ISC does nothing to help with that. It needs to be carried out a few times a day. So, on the basis that urine retention is a breeding ground for nasties, I'm sure it would help in the present circumstances.



I actually must self catheterize to get the urine out. It will not come out on its own. I would suggest seeing a urologist who specializes in MS. I also take a medication to prevent UTIs as well as vitamin C and a cranberry tab. I also drink a lot of water.