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I have had enough

Just had a huge argument with my partner. Apparently I make it all about the MS. It's not going anywhere mate so get educated. Tinnitus- everyone has that Tingling and numb hands and feet - everyone has that. Motion sickness - yup, you guessed it, everyone has that. Yeah, sure, individually but when it's all at once with an MS hug on top of it I'm pretty sure it's a bloody MS thing and I'm entitled to say it's getting a bit too much for me to deal with. Butt hole

Just don’t talk about it..don’t complain .. easy as that.


It is really hard when the one person you want to confide in turns there back on you. MS sucks! I have looked at couples therapy (very expensive). Might be good if you can afford it. Talking about your feelings with your partner could be helpful. According to everything I have read, it is important to say “I” sentences instead of “you “ sentences. Example: “I feel sad when you….” Instead of “you make me feel sad when you……” Perhaps writing how you feel could be a way of communicating. I wrote emails to my partner. It made me feel better 🤷‍♀️. A mediator could help. With an MS diagnosis we need the support of others more than ever, unfortunately, a diagnosis can make everything harder. I wish you all the best.