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In limbo land .

Hey guys lovely to meet you all . I am just wondering if you can help me. I’ve had brain and cervical spine mri I have received the letter today. It says there are 3 areas of periventricular white matters changes on the right side of my brain and a small area on the cervical spine. I’ve got an appointment on the 19 December . Can anyone help me at all in seeing if this is ms? Feeling worried 😟

Hi @jade6687 and welcome. First things first, whatever it's going to be will not change over the next fortnight. So, stop worrying. Only the Neurologist can interpret these scans and the technical mumbo-jumbo that goes with them. And, if it is MS. Well, MS isn't a terminal condition and it's no longer that taboo condition that's not talked about. MS is now a manageable condition that has a variety of treatment options, that have been developed and introduced over the last few years. If anything, MS can now be little more than an inconvenience. :wink:


Hi there you. I'm going to be really boring and say that only the neuro can make this call based on all the evidence to date. The MRI findings can be associated with MS but there are other things that can cause this too. I know it's a pain, but it's 11 days at least you won't be in limbo for months! As a friend, I would advise not to over-Google, what you need are the hard facts. It might be that you need some further tests, like a lumbar puncture, but on the 19th the neuro will hopefully be able to tell you what the possibilities of It being MS or other conditions are. Hold fast, keep steady and good luck! X