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Stabbing eyeball pain

MS or not? I know, I keep asking these things, but I really don't know yet, I'm new to this stuff still. This morning, my mocha spilled all over my kid & my front car seat (luckily it was not hot, just lukewarm). Kid is fine. Had to drive home, get him a change of clothes which made me another hour later for work than planned but whatever. Immediately upon the coffee accident, I felt like I was being stabbed in the eyeball. I thought I was getting a headache, so I took ibuprofen. Here I am, 3 hours later, STILL stabbing eyeball pain when I move around too much. No headache, just eyeball pain. Wondering if this is the optic nerve playing up as a result of stress? Although getting stressed about spilling my coffee seems silly... I wasn't upset about it, just annoyed at how hard it is going to be to properly clean (all that milk soaked into cloth seats... ugh). Had the stabbing eyeball pain before, other eye, a few weeks back. That was a very high-stress day, but the pain was gone the next day. I assume this eyeball pain will be gone tomorrow as well - fingers crossed. Just wondering if this is an MS reaction to what my body apparently perceived as a stressful event, or if it's just coincidence and it's more "normal headache" related (even though my head seems fine, just the eye hurts.). It does feel slightly better already - it was so bad, I could barely move afterwards. No vision loss, just pain. Now it is more of an ache (a bad ache, but not stabbing anymore). ?? Thanks. :) Michelle

That's the tricky part though isn't it, knowing if it's active or an old lesion or a pseudo-exacerbation? This is the part I struggle with a lot. Last time this happened, my neuro said to wait another day or two to see if it went away (it did), saying it could be a pseudo-exacerbation, not a new lesion. Today's stabbing eye pain has seemed to lessen a bit as the hours tick by - neuro had told me if it's something new, it will get worse, not better. It's been 4 hours since it started and is tolerable if I don't move around much. Just needing to know if this is MS. Sounds like it probably is related, then.


I also get that stabbing eyeball pain but it is only for a few minutes and then my eye hurts for another 15 minutes. I didn't know what caused I was thinking tired eyes. Potter