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MS Hacks: MS in the workplace

HI everyone. It's been a while but, once again, we need your help and tips.This time around, we're talking about work. With relapses, fatigue, cognitive changes and a list of other symptoms that may need to be managed daily, whether you work 9-5 or part-time, working life requires a whole extra toolbox of MSer skills that we pick up along the way. So, my question to you all is this: what tricks and methods do you use to manage your MS at work?

Take rest breaks so you don't burn out, have a well stocked supply of painkillers and drink coffee :)


1 - If symptoms affect your performance, I would advice that you tell your senior manager so they can accommodate for you, e.g. breaks 2 - If memory is affected, keep a log for tasks. I open an excel page and write everything down and tick as I go along. 3 - Water, water, water. I can't emphasise it anymore. 4 - There is some research that indicates exercise helps with fatigue, I find swimming the best. 5 - Good quality food. Wholegrains and vegetables can keep energy levels going 6 - If you ask your GP. There are some NICE approved drugs for MSers 7 - And obviously get plenty of quality sleep. At least 8 hours a day