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MS Hacks: Anxiety and Mood

Hi everyone, it's MS Hacks time again. Many MSers are faced with anxiety issues or suffer from Depression, low mood and other emotional obstacles at some point. With Winter on its way, things can just feel a lot heavier if you are unprepared, so I'm after your tips and strategies for dealing with stress and the blues. As usual, I will start: This one only occurred to me last year and now I just don't understand why I had never thought of it before: No news before lunch! Being unemployed and sometimes unable to really go out into the world, it feels really important to keep in touch with the world, its happenings and the general conversations that I may be missing. This said, the news is often full of sad events, bad events, and angering events, and I decided that it probably isn't the best idea for me to start my day with a dark cloud already hanging over me. Instead of a round up of all of the world's tragedies, I like to start the day with something funny -usually Rude Tube or some other funny clip show - and face the news at lunch, instead. What do you do?



I understand that....i live in NEW jersey (USA), and have not allowed newspapers to be delivered since 9/11/01....I don't need to be faced with all the BAD headlines on the front page...I too am home all the time now(except for support groups and drs visits). So I don't even watch the news on television anymore....i use my computer to watch stupid, happy videos... I do get taken out for dinner 2x/wk....where I make sure I make somebody laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and healthy for all.... and inexpensive..lol... enjoy your day...



That's a good strategy. I also find that just having something to look forward to makes a lot of difference, so I like to have something coming up every week gives a good boost of happy.



Pilates exercises and keeping fit definitely helps keep your mind off depressing topics and can be mostly done lying down :D



Pilates and music. You cant beat feel good dance tunes to lift your mood :)



Meditation meditation meditation :) xxx



Just one word - hugs.



1) If possible, work out the trigger that's causing it. For me, any MS worry, be it an unsympathetic doctor or a new symptom or reading something depressing about MS, is enough to start me off. I ask myself the question and am quite often able to pinpoint it. Then I tell myself that it's natural to have that reaction and that it will pass. 2) As a 'reward' for telling myself to switch off negativity, I give myself little treats e.g. buy a nice book or line up some DVDs for a night in. 3) If I can't work out what's going on in my head I ring one of a small number of family members/friends and tell them how I'm feeling. They will then interrogate me and usually come up with the reason I'm depressed. They also remind me of the good things/successes I've had and this really helps me put it in perspective. 4) Last port of call is the GP. I acknowledge that I need antidepressants and at the doc's suggestion, I've had the dose increased recently to help me cope with anxiety connected to changing meds. Most of the time, I'm really upbeat about things, but I know I need extra help from time to time.



Pets...my cat manages to make me feel good even when Im at my worst. Other than that getting out just for fresh air (even when you feel you cant face the World, I find once I do; even for a little while helps). Meditation. Having a chat with a friend you know will make you laugh.



Cats that cuddle up and purr and don't care about anything except food and being comfortable.



Hi, I understand about winter coming soon and the feelings it will bring. I deal daily with anger and fear as some of my symptoms make me feel emotionally unbalanced. I love fall and I have been practicing the art of letting the things that cause these emotions, go. I use meditation, prayer and contact with my ancestors. I know I have to start dealing with my symptoms in a different way, and realizing that these changes are here for me to transform instead of be angry with. I must learn to be creative with what has come my way. I understand the need for humor, that really helps me also, the more the better! I sometimes watch comedy on you tube.



friends/partner/pets. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my fiancé, but I also have a few friends who, because they don't understand this illness, keep asking questions and want to make sure everything is fine and it's nice to every now and then talk to someone who listens to your worries and then says: "gosh, that's terrible, and you really can't do anything about it? okay.. well.. wanna go out for dinner?" and this way remind you: "life goes on".



First hello all, am glad to admit I do not have this disease. but do suffer broken back and removed discs screws pins etc. Reason I have joined here is to ask some very personal questions so bear with me I will be stepping on someone's toes I am sure so forgive me. My stepdaughter has moved back home from what appears an abusive relationship hates men. sadly I am one of them she is so hard to deal with I try i try i try nothing gets threw. and is growling at the dog and giving speeches to no one also part of this? I also found XXX drugs which I am trying to just forget I am about to blow up here and If I dont have someone to vent to I am leaving my marriage simply because I cant take this on top of my misery as well. Any help here is welcome but warning will be met with quite a bit of resistance especially the outbursts and such I know several others with this MS who do not act this way at all why is this. I am no writer 6 grade education coal miner/ mechanic for give the ?!,. or what else I dont put in but I love my wife and am trying here but am failing this is causing a hurricane in my home thanks in advance for anything I have a tendency to forget thanks. I have had to teach myself the computer and such for me was easy I think because its mechanical and electrical but this MS thing IM LOST HELP>



@devileadvocate , you don't step on toes in this forum, as we don't leave them out to get trodden on! :wink: But, you're more than welcome here, especially as you have a problem, which may well involve MS. And don't worry about your educational background. There's nothing wrong with the education provided by the "University of life and Hard knocks". Multiple Sclerosis is one condition, but comes in various forms, which can affect different people in different ways. No two people with MS seem to suffer the same symptoms. And, no two people deal with a diagnosis of MS the same. Also, MS may be a personal medical condition, but it affects everyone within the family unit. Some relationships cannot tolerate the introduction of MS and flounder, whereas some relationships can grow stronger. It may be beneficial if your stepdaughter would join this forum, as no-one quite understands MS, like another MS sufferer. And, going back to stepping on toes, I understand why you have added your comments to this topic, although it would have been better to start a new topic, by using the "start a conversation" button. That's for next time.... :wink:



Exercise plus many other good habits is my base to avoid anxiety .. If I find hard walking (which tend to happen almost everyday) I use a scooter so I don't miss on things .For me to go out is important so I do it as much as possible even though ,at times, I may feel a bit ostracised ..When I find it too hard to cope I have an anxiety pill and read



Thank you i will advise her about the walking.Some things troubling me are he conversation will skip completely to something we dont even know what she is talking about sometimes and her outbursts are seemingly very often, I am wondering how much is MS and how much is %^&& you know what I mean.



Hi I do music and have a good old sing along. Singing works for me. Get a selection of uplifting films to use when it is a dull day or bad day. A good natter on skype or FaceTime to family or friend with a huge mug of tea. Choose an achievable thing to do each day without overwhelming yourself. Good luck



Thanks for the info but these attacks seem to be predominately aimed at me not her mother, MS does not discriminate correct?????. Thus the reason for me trying to understand this more. understand her past relationship ended badly and am even trying to absorb some of this for her. But I am running out of excuses for lots of her behavior toward me and completely nothing toward my wife. So in short some if not most of this behavior seems just obvious and intentional which has me on the defensive and pretty much about to send her to her own home anywhere but mine. There has not been much peace since she came here. I am doing my best but have one hand on a bag a set of keys and a trip itinerary unknown. Because she needs her mother I am feeling helpless in the situation but need some peace in my life as well. I am disabled from back surgeries and such and have my own misery to tent to daily and need something What this is , is not known as of yet. I am so not at peace right now and just feel completely helpless of this situation.



@devilsadvocate I agree with @Stumbler in advising u to start the new thread otherwise it's all getting mixed up... :0/ Thanks.



I recently got really low and depressed and shut out pretty much everyone when my wife thought she was miscarrying again we managed to get an emergency scan done because at seven weeks it was at the same stage that she miscarried last year although we didn't actually find out the baby hadn't survived past seven weeks until the 12 week scan,but when the nurse showed us the heartbeat I can genuinely say it's the happiest I've been in a long long time. We had the 12 week scan 2 weeks and I'm thrilled to say it was amazing to see especially see our baby move,I do still feel down at times but now I just look at the scan picture that I've got on my phone and it picks straight up,so it does seem that the smallest things life can give you the greatest pleasure although being a father for the first time at the ripe old age of 42 is daunting I'm welcoming the challenge and the distraction from ms being constantly at the forefront of my mind,roll on May.



@jonesbear - congratulations. Here's hoping all goes well for you and being 42 is not old any more. Enjoy the experience and take care of each other. Enjoy the quiet - you won't ever get that once the baby is born :) x



Thanks very much @ tiggermum I've been told that by a few people,but still can't wait all the same.