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MS Hacks: Anxiety and Mood

Hi everyone, it's MS Hacks time again. Many MSers are faced with anxiety issues or suffer from Depression, low mood and other emotional obstacles at some point. With Winter on its way, things can just feel a lot heavier if you are unprepared, so I'm after your tips and strategies for dealing with stress and the blues. As usual, I will start: This one only occurred to me last year and now I just don't understand why I had never thought of it before: No news before lunch! Being unemployed and sometimes unable to really go out into the world, it feels really important to keep in touch with the world, its happenings and the general conversations that I may be missing. This said, the news is often full of sad events, bad events, and angering events, and I decided that it probably isn't the best idea for me to start my day with a dark cloud already hanging over me. Instead of a round up of all of the world's tragedies, I like to start the day with something funny -usually Rude Tube or some other funny clip show - and face the news at lunch, instead. What do you do?

I understand that....i live in NEW jersey (USA), and have not allowed newspapers to be delivered since 9/11/01....I don't need to be faced with all the BAD headlines on the front page...I too am home all the time now(except for support groups and drs visits). So I don't even watch the news on television anymore....i use my computer to watch stupid, happy videos... I do get taken out for dinner 2x/wk....where I make sure I make somebody laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and healthy for all.... and inexpensive..lol... enjoy your day...


That's a good strategy. I also find that just having something to look forward to makes a lot of difference, so I like to have something coming up every week gives a good boost of happy.