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How did you approach LEMTRADA?

Hi, People. I started Rd 1of Lemtrada (alemtuzemab) about 3 weeks ago and have been meaning to post something since then. When I get myself together and start putting my Lemtrada journal up on Tumblr, I'll post the link. I think that I was reasonably well prepared for this whole thing, but am interested to know how other people approached this: what were your priorities? What did your preparation look like? How concerned/restrictive were you with your diet? And what tips/tricks have you learned that you think might help somebody else who opts for this treatment? I'm not yet decided on whether or not this will turn into an official round of MShacks, but it definitely could. xdee

Hey highheeledfagin I'm in the same boat as you my first treatment was 2 weeks ago, my diet I mainly eat freshly cooked while it's still hot to kill all of the listeria, I don't eat deli meat, I avoid salad unless it's properly cleaned and I only have pasterised milk/cheese, I told my nurologist and they're happy with it. P.S. I still have take out lol 😁


I cut out the take-aways: I'm cheap so you can almost guarantee that the food I buy has probably been sitting out at some point, or reheated.