I currently have Covid FOR THE THIRD TIME in a year! My first time having Covid is what lead to my MS diagnosis due to bizarre symptoms that came with it (my entire right side of my tongue, cheek, throat, and face went numb). I live in BC, Can, and was lucky to get onto Paxlovid by day 2 of my symptoms because I am on Rituximab. Has anyone else taken Paxlovid? This is my second time, and I wanted to see how others felt about it. My mouth tastes terrible and I've had what I call a case of "Bad Bum" every since I started it. Luckily the Covid started mild with some fatigue and a sore throat, and has not gotten any worse since. I'm in my 20s and I often get angry with my diagnosis because I can't live my life like my friends can; I have to be so careful of getting sick and I am so susceptible to it! I spent the weekend with friends, and I am the only one who got sick. Oh MS, you are a real buzzkill sometimes.