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chickenpox & tysabri

Hello, advice please... my nephew has chickenpox and I'm due to see him on Sunday. I have been on Tysabri for a year. Will I be okay? I had chickenpox when I was younger, but I've read shingles is a concern.. Anyone else faced this dilemma? I can keep my distance if necessary, just need to decide if plans need to change. I don't get to see him very often so hoping it'll be fine. Advice would be appreciated! Thanks

George, you'll probably get a couple of views on this, but wouldn't it be better to bounce it off your MS Nurse or try for a telephone consultation with your GP. They're best placed to answer this question.


Yeah I agree with stumbler!! I've got two kids who have had a few t hings going on with them I just foned the Hosp ward and they advised me!!