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Tysabri with a cold

Hi everyone, I'm due to have my 2nd Tysabri infusion Thursday but have a terrible cold since last Friday. I think I'm over the worst of it but I'm afraid they won't give me treatment because of it. Has anyone any experience with this situation or similar?

Hi - that's such a nuisance. Best to advise your Tysabri team before travelling to the appointment/ If they advise against having the infusion then they'll likely suggest a revised date. I had an infusion with a bit of a sore throat last month... i thought the risk was minimal... I was wrong :D Singed off work for a week, viral infection, etc. I think i was just unlucky, but get the teams advice if you can.


@poorusernamechoice Thanks for the advice. I rang and was told to come in a bit earlier to check I was fit for treatment and it was fine, so all pumped up for another month thankfully :)