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What does relapse mean to you ? Do you know when it’s coming on ?? How mild or severe is it for you or can I get . Are symptoms coming on a relapse ? It’s confusing if you don’t have relapse that renders you totally down is it truly one . And if you don’t have these kind of things does it mean your Ms isn’t RrMs ?

I get exacerbations on a regular basis if I'm too physically active, too tired, too sick, etc. I just deal with them and try to keep them from happening again. My relapses only occur roughly every 4 years, and they start with mild new symptoms and an increase in my exhaustion. I got treatment within 2 weeks for my last one (steroid infusion), and it stopped the relapse in its tracks. In the past (before diagnosis), they went from lasting around 3 months in my 20's to as long as 18 months four years ago. As far as how severe they are, they've been all over the map. They've all included a noticeable increase in exhaustion, but in the early decades it was something I could live with. By my late 30's, I'd sometimes sleep for 24-36 hours at a time. During one relapse, I developed a sensitivity to sunlight and felt like I'd been burned every time I was in some. Another time, I was running into doorways and tripping over furniture. My worst one was actually 15 years ago. I couldn't take a single step without using a cane or furniture. I needed written notes to tell me how to do my job of 10 years. By supper time, I had trouble speaking and couldn't chew or swallow solid food. That one lasted about 6 months, and I still get some of the symptoms once in a while, but most of them have never occurred again. A lot depends on how far along your MS is. I've been dealing with it now for more than 45 years, and in the early days my relapses were mostly just minor annoyances. They've gotten worse over time, but it's moved slowly for me.


You are very lucky to have things progressing slow for you . And over the years you learn to listen to your body more and know when it’s coming and try and stop it’s severity by resting and steroids . I want to understand the difference between exacerbations and full on relapse