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Hi all, I realise it's been absolutely ages since I last wrote on here but I had to come along and tell you on how amazing Taopatches are - I've written about them in my blog and I've responded to a previous post about them. I know many people are skeptical of trying new things and wasting money - but for me, they have been the best thing I've ever done with my money. You can read about my experiences here https://lifewithms.wixsite.com/mymsjourney Thanks and hope you are all well.

@funkygeorge Seems others want to disagree with you: https://painreliefpatchreviews.com/taopatch/taopatch-is-it-a-scam/


@AndreaG I don't mind, it's their issue. Unless they have personally tried them and followed the rules properly so doing the first 3 months as per the instructions and doing the pyramid protocol from day 1 then they can't really comment on them.... I absolutely love them and would love others to get the benefits I have got from them but sadly some people just aren't open to trying new things and others are easily swayed by critics who have no real evidence to judge their verdicts on - I am living proof - and don't get me wrong my walking is still dire but things are improving and the biggest changes came from adding Taopatches into my life x