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Cladribine advice

Hi Everyone, I am newly diagnosed (just awaiting the results to find out what type it is) and my neuro is keen for me to try Cladribine. I'm currently under Dr Schmierer at the Royal London. Does anyone have any first hand experiences of Cladribine and any side effects it has? I'm nervous to try as its obviously a currently unlicensed drug and i can't seem to find out much information about peoples experiences on it. Thank you :) x

Hi @emmad1988 , Cladribine is eagerly awaited by some. Here's some information from the respected Neuros at Barts:- http://multiple-sclerosis-research.blogspot.com/2016/01/suppose-there-was-therapy-for-all.html


Hi @emmad1988, I'll be starting Cladribine at the Royal London early next year. If you search for Cladribine on this forum then you'll find a couple of threads I started and people gave a lot of advice on those. Good luck! x