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New symptoms

Are all new symptoms the result of new lesions? I've had a series of new symptoms which (luckily so far) have come and gone in a couple of weeks each time, but with only one or two days before something else starts, for several months now. Does anyone know if every time you experience a new problem it means you have a new lesion? And does every new symptom count as a new relapse? Trying to gauge how bad this is!

a new symptom has to last I think more that 24 hours ... or even more?!, to be considered a relapse. And no, new symptoms don't necessarily mean new lesion, but they could, you should definitely ask your neurologist about this!!


LOL I just read in your bio that you had low b12 diagnosed, me too! Did your doctors find a reason tho? Because mine haven't, and also the b12 preparations aren't working that well in my case