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chocolate and ms

I am just reading a book about food intolerances and allergies.This is a new one on me ,have never seen this mentioned anywhere else. "One new theory is that chocolate plays a part in developing MS.Clearly it does not produce ms in everyone,but there may be a small number of people who are unusually susceptible to something in chocolate.The limited evidence available suggests that the reaction is a slow one,perhaps taking as long as a week ,so it may not be obvious that eating chocolate(or an especially large amount of chocolate)has triggered a deterioration in the condition of an MS patient. Some MS patients have halted the progress of their disease by cutting out chocolate.While the existing damage to the nerves does not disappear,no further decline occurs.Since chocolate is not an essential part of anyone's diet,nutritionally speaking,there can be no harm in trying this out.Some doctors also advise cutting out coffee,cola and strong tea at the same time,as they contain some of the same drug-like chemicals that are found in chocolate. Because of the natural cycle of remissions,described above,it may be necessary to live without chocolate for some time to assess the effects realistically." Anyone heard this before?

Chocolate vs MS? No competition, sorry, I'll stick with the MS!!!


I've heard chocolate can be bad because of the dairy content of it I believe, but I understand I may be completely wrong but I think dark chocolate is ok...???