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Blue badge hospital car parking

Thought I'd share information I came across by chance. My hospital car park has a camera-controlled number plate recognition system. There are a few disabled spaces round main reception (where the camera, presumably, doesn't film) which allows free parking for blue badge holders. Everywhere else, unless you want to pay, the badge has to be shown at either the car parking office or main reception. Yesterday when I tried to do this, office and reception were closed and only after much traipsing around did I find the PALS office who bleeped the off-duty parking people and got my exemption. However, they informed me that if you register your blue badge at reception, giving your badge and car reg numbers, you can park in any bay and at any time with no need for other actions. You only need to re-register when you get a new blue badge and/or car. And where, I asked, is this helpful information displayed? - certainly nowhere in the car park or at the reception desk. It's on the website, I was told. (I wonder how many prospective patients consult their computer before driving to hospital). There may be similarly arcane arrangements at your hospital and it might be worth making some enquiries....

My local hospital has an ice-cream van parked right next to a disabled space..... good idea when you're in a wheelchair trying to navigate your way around loads of kids. Sometimes I wonder whether these so called officials have any intelligence🤣