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Cause of dizziness?

Hi, about a month ago, I posted that I had lightheadedness, it was debilitating. I had a work up to find (by CT scan) that I had mastoiditis...GP put me on Augmentin. It was about the third week into my lightheaded episode that I went on the antibiotic. It pretty much went away about 10 days later, which would make a total of 4 weeks of this crazy lightheaded feeling. I do have some residual, however. Just yesterday, I had an appointment with my Neurologist whom I haven't seen since 2008, because I didn't have any worrisome symptoms for that long! Anyway, the Neurologist's opinion is that it was an MS flare up. He says since I had an incident at the same time where my left leg gave out on me and there is still some weakness in that leg, the infection could not account for that. So at this point, I'm thinking it is maybe a combination? I am concerned, however, that this could be the beginning of a new course for my MS...I don't know what to think. He is ordering an MRI to see if there is any new activity or any new plaques. I am still lightheaded/dizzy but mainly in the mornings when I am tired. Not sure if I am not sleeping well or what this is. I am very tired all the time and I am wondering about suggestions or other experiences related to mine...Thanks for any input! - Angie