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MS causes

Unfortunately nobody knows the causes and the cure for MS. However, last summer I came to know of a doctor called Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his theories about our subjective active role in MS. Part of his argument states that our brain is the motor which responds to our emotions and sends biological messages to our body aimed at solving a particular subjective conflict. That's how much I understand and can rationally put in words for you. Nonetheless, leaving aside Hamer's theory, partly because I don't agree with everything he says, I cannot ignore that in my case it all makes sense. That is, my conflict is a conflict of value and judgment, in a word of wanting “perfection”. Being perfection something unrealistic to achieve I subconsciously sent messages to my brain and whole body which suggested “immobility” or to better say paralysis. In a nutshell, since I could't be and achieve perfection my body understood that it may be better motionless and still so that I couldn't be judged or make mistakes. I have been really short with this, in reality it took me several months and a lot of help in order to understand my active role in my disease. I realize that it is often too much to accept being the cause of my MS, however in my case it is helping me. I did not stop seeing my Neuro and use the available medications, I will not heal and go back in time, however I reckon that solving my particular conflict of “perfection” helps me to live better with myself.