Hello, My ms nurse at the Royal London hospital has recommended Cladribine as an alternative to lemtrada. Can anyone tell me about the cancer risk associated with this treatment and why they might take this instead of Lemtrada? I am not keen in taking Lemtrada due to the long term follow up period and cladribine seems to have less serious side effects. Also what is the danger of taking an unlicensed drug? Thanks, Agnes x

@agnieszka-legierska , have a read through this. Some of the comments from the Barts medical staff might reassure you. :-


@agnieszka-legierska - there is an MSer who posts on the MS Society forum who, I think, is due to start on this if you want someone to swap notes with. Latest post is entitled "Suppose there was a DMT which was more effective and considerably cheaper and safer than current DMTs. What would happen?" and involves a general discussion of the drug (including reference to the very pro-cladribine Barts blog referred to by @Stumbler)