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MRI results... new lesions... new meds

I uploaded a new video, but this time it isn't about my MS art I just wanted to update yall on my current situation.. After having my second flare up WAY TOO early I finally saw my neurologist and we took a look at my new MRI... More in the video https://youtu.be/QRCrXe2mJao

Sorry to hear about your news Lil…But …this has happened earlier rather than later so the stronger meds will hopefully help and there is tonnes of positive feedback on here about kesimpta and very little side effects which has got a be better than the tecfidera. I think if you give yourself a few days to process then the new treatment could be a positive thing and hopefully you will start feeling better soon ….then you will be back to the bad ass!!!! 👍🍀🤞💪✊❤️‍🩹👊


Oooof, that's a kick in the gut, @AdamsLilith. I'm with @Runningonempty, I think the med change will be a positive experience for you, although it SUCKS that you need it.