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Doing something new

I was recently advised by my neuropsychologist that I needed to go and get a new hobby, not be afraid to connect with people and try something new. MS has definitely taken away a lot of my confidence, assisted in me losing friends, and made me someone who stays in rather than being social. So... I decided that I’d listen to his words of advice and after about a year of procrastination started to write my blog online. I know it’s not really going out and meeting new people or joining a baking class, or starting to do a new sport, but the more I looked in to physical hobbies the more I realised that I’d find those so hard to fit into my life... also there was nothing I really fancied doing!!! So... I thought it woild be great to connect with people through writing. I sometimes did pieces for another online blog, and they were always well received... so why not start my own. Anyway... I wanted to share this with you because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the positivity and confidence that shift MS has given me. Being part of Shift has made me realise that it’s ok to have MS... it’s great being part of a bigger community. I’ve met some fab people who have given me the confidence to want to share my experiences and know that people (might) want to listen and (will maybe) get some benefit. Thanks Shift!! Come and join me at my blog.. ms-warrior.com