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Frightened..... not sure what to do.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping by registering on here that people will put my fears at ease. About 5 years ago I had tingling in my right hand on the tips of my fingers. I went and had nerve tests which showed nothing.... and over time it disappeared. Then about 18 months ago I had the same sensation in my right foot and again on the tips of my toes and down the sides. I put it down to the same issue with my fingers and thought it would pass after a few months. Then I had three bouts of blurred vision where I was just sat and all of a sudden a haze fell over me... of course you can imagine panic set in and at the time I never put the two things together, I mean who would?.... These bouts of blurred vision lasted from an hour up to four hours. Then about Two months ago I had another toe start with tingling. I finally plucked up the courage to tell my wife who is a nurse. I told her about the blurred vision and my toes. Lets say she was not best pleased with me... told me it could be something trivial and made an appointment at the doctors. I spoke to the doctor and told her my symptoms. She sat my on the edge of the bed with my feet dangling to check my reflexes. My left leg shot up in the air... but when she did my right leg she could not get a reaction at all. I can be honest and say I got a bit upset as she kept looking at me with a horrified look because she could not get any reflex. I asked if I should be worried and she said she wanted to send me for a nerve test. I have had the nerve test and they have come back fine. I'm going to the doctors in the morning and will have to go for an M.R.I..... my only worry is that I'm very claustrophobic so I know there's going to be an issue there... I have had this before where taking a sedative does not work. I'm really scared... every morning I wake up I wiggle my toes and they are still the same... I actually broke down in the car with my wife yesterday and said I was scared for the first time. It's not something I have ever admitted to before. Just hope someone can give me any advice. Thank you



Hi @zak783 and welcome. Fear of the unknown is frightening, so you need to resolve this not knowing. I can understand why you've joined us as MS is just one possibility. But, diagnosing neurological problems is difficult. It's a case of eliminating possibilities to see what's left. It would be useful if you could keep a symptom diary, so that you can create a concise summary to pass to Consultants, etc.. The MRI scan will provide a great deal of information to help towards a diagnosis. Claustrophobia is a problem for many people. As you say, sedation is a possibility, but chat with your Doctor and the MRI operators about this. Mindfulness is possibly another way of dealing with this. Ultimately, it could be MS, but this is now a manageable condition, with a wide range of treatments available.



I don't like having MRI scans either but if they are required I steel myself and imagine I'm walking along a beach, counting the different things I see washed up, and imagine the waves breaking, boats sailing by, who might be walking by - do they have a dog, what sort..... Or, I imagine walking out of the front door and down the road to the river etc etc. I've always had verbal contact with the person doing the scan with a buzzer in my hand ' just in case' - so far, I've stuck it out. In my experience each section of the scan takes anything from 3- 10 mins, with the person checking you're ok each time. Deep breathing helps....count to 4 breathing in, and to 5 breathing out. Tell yourself that in a while it will be over. RELAX, be CALM....you will be ok 😌....all the best - you can do this 👍🏻



I'm sorry I can't help you very much with the MRI. The kind we have here looks like a whale and very noisy, I didn't take any music with me. I just laid there listening trying to figure out if one noise sounded more like a crow or a grackle, that kind of mind game. The noise that sounded like a jack hammer and gave me a good back massage I was disappointed when it ended. If you do get diagnosed with MS and start treatment you can look forward to a good and long life. It looks like they are getting closer to a cure all of the time. Bad stuff happens in life you just have to roll with the punches. More important is that I hope they find out what is wrong, it isn't always MS. Potter



Hi there @zak783, poor you, it's horrible isn't it? Stumbler is right, MS is but one possibility. This site is fabulous for reassurance, but I suggest you don't go scaring yourself by trawling through all the posts to find similar symptoms. Every single person on here will have had different symptoms, various time spans, thousands of experiences. Every one of us is unique (for good or bad! ). Look at the MRI as being completely on your side. Diagnosis of many things has only been possible in the last few decades beacuse of MRIs. For every minute you are in there, you will be a minute closer to understanding what is going on, getting treatment and making a plan. Not all centres use headphones to try and muffle the noise, so you could ask for headphones. You could distract yourself by agreeing with self that by the time you come out, you will have an exact plan of where you want to go for a trip away, or holiday, to reward yourself for just getting on with it! Or even something small, like what you would like to save up for, getting in touch with somebody you haven't heard from in ages, anything like that. I create little poems or rhymes when I'm in there, or try to recite song words in my head. I got diagnosed in Jan with not much to go on in terms of previous symptoms. It's not been great to be walloped by news of a condition like this, but I have made so many positive changes already that there have been some real 'up' times which the previous me wouldn't have been able to have. So, chin up, get on with it, good luck and let us know!



FWIW, my wife had two MRI's and the machines were quite different. One had music and everything built in and the other had nothing. Oddly the more sophisticated (newer) machine didnt have the music. It might be worth just getting comfortable with what the options are.



Thank you to everyone who has replied. To be honest I had no idea what my symptoms were until the doctor mentioned it and then as you can imagine so many things were going through my mind. What I didn't mention in my post is that I'm so tired and aching most of the time... I just feel really rough...I understand it could be something totally different... I think it's the not knowing that is scaring me more than anything. I've gone from being totally in control of my life to not knowing how I'm going to be feeling each day. Thank you again to everyone who has replied... I will of course keep you updated. It's nice that there are places like this for support. Like I said I'm not big on tears, so when I broke down yesterday so did my wife and I can't do that to her again. So I will come to you guys for help and support. Hope you don't mind. Thank you again. Regards Zak



Re: the MRI: I found it a bigger space than I had been expecting. It's narrow, certainly (think aircraft seat width), but with more space above you than I had imagined. Secondly, you're given a remote control which you press if there are any issues and they immediately stop the machine. I've had four MRIs now, at a total of three different venues and all of them have had a 'periscope' device. Although you're in the machine, because of the way the mirror is fitted, you can see beyond your feet right into the office where they're operating the machine. OK, it's an illusion, but it does take away the sensation of being in a confined space. It's very noisy, but that's no big deal, to be honest. In fact, when you get your head round the idea, the whole process is a non-event! xx



the MRI is a great challenge i must admit, had over 10 scans done till now and although i ask the doctors if they could give me headphones so that i would not be frightened by that noise they said no and put something in my ear, nevertheless the noise was still there. Sometimes i count to hundred and back, because if i dont i just stard laughing for no reason. :) and then the doctor asks me if something is wrong. Do you keep your eyes opeb during the MRI? i close them and as mentioned above imagine myself being in a nice calm beautiful landscape. Once i almost slept in. Believe me you can surpass that fear of closed room. best wishes



Relax. Take a deep breath, put on the headphones, and ask them to play LBC or classic FM. It works for me.... Sorry if this is a crap reply or you have already heard this... Wishing you all the best ! :)