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Frightened..... not sure what to do.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping by registering on here that people will put my fears at ease. About 5 years ago I had tingling in my right hand on the tips of my fingers. I went and had nerve tests which showed nothing.... and over time it disappeared. Then about 18 months ago I had the same sensation in my right foot and again on the tips of my toes and down the sides. I put it down to the same issue with my fingers and thought it would pass after a few months. Then I had three bouts of blurred vision where I was just sat and all of a sudden a haze fell over me... of course you can imagine panic set in and at the time I never put the two things together, I mean who would?.... These bouts of blurred vision lasted from an hour up to four hours. Then about Two months ago I had another toe start with tingling. I finally plucked up the courage to tell my wife who is a nurse. I told her about the blurred vision and my toes. Lets say she was not best pleased with me... told me it could be something trivial and made an appointment at the doctors. I spoke to the doctor and told her my symptoms. She sat my on the edge of the bed with my feet dangling to check my reflexes. My left leg shot up in the air... but when she did my right leg she could not get a reaction at all. I can be honest and say I got a bit upset as she kept looking at me with a horrified look because she could not get any reflex. I asked if I should be worried and she said she wanted to send me for a nerve test. I have had the nerve test and they have come back fine. I'm going to the doctors in the morning and will have to go for an M.R.I..... my only worry is that I'm very claustrophobic so I know there's going to be an issue there... I have had this before where taking a sedative does not work. I'm really scared... every morning I wake up I wiggle my toes and they are still the same... I actually broke down in the car with my wife yesterday and said I was scared for the first time. It's not something I have ever admitted to before. Just hope someone can give me any advice. Thank you