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Discloser to DVLA

I notice on applying for an updated driving licence, that you need to say if you have MS. I can drive a normal car OK (at least for the time being), so I'm a bit worried that this disclosure will mean I then need to tell my insurance company too. This will in turn, I suspect, lead to £100s extra for insurance. Has anyone else had a similar experience.



@Vinny , you are worrying too much, which isn't good for your MS. Legally, you HAVE to tell the DVLA. They will give you some forms to complete and they will then contact your GP and Consultant to confirm your ability to continue driving. The DVLA may put you on a three year licence, but that's so they can keep an eye on you. Renewals, every three years, don't cost. You have to tell you car insurance company too. They will just confirm with you that the DVLA have been advised. The Equality Act 2010 WILL NOT allow them to increase the premium for this. That would be discriminatory and against this particular law. Hope this makes you feel better :wink:



i applied to them when i was diagnosed and they were fine but i do have to apply every 3 years now. With regards to my insurance company, they too were fine, made a note on my file and thats it but you must tell both agencies/companies



I'll have to get onto them. Many thanks.



i have been put on a 3 year medical licence which means i have to renew it every 3 years and have my medical conditions (ms type 1 diabetes) assessed to make sure im safe to drive to be honest im not sure if its the ms or diabetes that make me have a 3 year one ? my insurance has not been effected adversely (bar me writing my car off after seeing if it can fly) that has increased it a small amount but the 3 year license has not lol xan ps just tell them it the law and you will be in a right mess if you crash or need to claim :)



I was worried too but I had no need to be I too am on a 3 year licence and my insurance hasn't changed



Hi, Ditto to all above. I like you was a bit shocked when I realised. Every 3 years a Dr. from my surgery rings me and goes through a few questions and my licence is renewed with no cost and no problems from my insurance company. If you don't tell them it could be a chance of them invalidating your insurance.